Friday, November 24, 2006


This day was useful to draw conclusions and to make new programs regarding my professional growth and my projects. At home, I was very discreet and tried not to invade my partner’s space.


Abeille-invisible said...

By reading all your messages, I realize that I often think about what I have done or should do at work, but no so often for my Love...

gx said...

Zighting is a scale of temperature on which zero degrees is the most comfortable, -1 degrees is too warm, and positive 1 is too cold. Three degrees is too hot or cold for life of any kind to exist. With such a rap-around thermal context as 3 degrees Zighting, a doughnut-shaped thermometer will be essential. The Zighting scale does not have a two degrees frame of reference, as there is little need for one.

For myself, zero degrees Zighting is roughly 15 - 18 Celsius.

According to Ed Taylor, zero degrees Zighting is approximately 20 degrees Celsius.

And according to Reginald Bent, zero degrees Zighting is generally 292 - 295 degrees Kelvin.

So what do you think? Where would you put zero degrees Zighting?